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About Our Trailers

Purchasing a trailer is a big decision - whether you're buying your first or expanding your existing fleet. When it comes to evaluating your options, it’s important to consider features beyond value - such as solid engineering and design, convenience of use, component durability, safety, and customer service. Read on to learn about the key features that make a Holmes Trailer stand out from the competition.


3/16" Angle Cross Members
To support those heavier loads, we use 3/16 inch  angle cross members, as opposed to the standard 1/8 inch angle.

1/4" Angle Frame
Our trailers are constructed with a ¼” angle frame, enabling miles upon miles of heavy duty use.

4" Channel Tongue
Another big step up in strength and durability compared to the competition is our use of a 4 inch channel for the tongue.

Diamond Plate Fenders
Our powder coated, diamond plate fenders provide a durable surface.

LED High Mount Lights
Our tail lights are mounted higher on a protective cover plate for better visibility and increased safety.


Spring Assist Gates
Repeatedly lifting and lowering a gate is time consuming as well as hard on the back. These gates are a convenient, low cost option available on many of our models.

Spring Loaded Gate Latches
Don’t worry about lost pins or poor fitting gates. Our spring
latch system will give you a smooth opening and closing plus
unparalleled convenience.

Spare Tire Mount
Don’t let a flat tire ruin your day. Our standard spare tire mount allows you to easily carry and change a tire when unexpected problems occur.

EZ Lube Axles
The hubs on these axles make basic maintenance a breeze. Just remove the plug and use the grease zirk to keep your trailer running smooth.


Fully Sealed Wiring Harness System
Wiring issues are among the top concerns we hear about from potential customers. To address, all Holmes Trailers are outfitted with our fully sealed wiring harness, including sealed lighting connections, to help protect your trailer from the everyday elements and road debris.

Board Caps for Deck (Bolted Bay on Front)
Each deck board is installed under a board cap (the front and rear bumper). This keeps the ends of the board from “curling” and lifting from the frame.

Pressure Treated Lumber
For a long lasting deck, we use pressure treated lumber for increased longevity and protection against the elements.

Abrasive Blasted and Powder Coated Finish
Our two-step finishing process helps prevent the buildup of corrosion and rust frequently found on conventionally painted frames. Every Holmes Trailer is first blasted with steel shot abrasive to remove contaminants (such as grease and/or mill scale) and prepare the frame to accept a solid finish. To complete the process, the frame is then powder coated from top to bottom. A powder coated finish is far superior to that of liquid paint, as it provides a high gloss finish as well as increased durability.


Customer Service

Exclusive Dealer Network
The same commitment to excellence we put in designing and fabricating our trailers can be seen in each one of our authorized dealers. Every Holmes Trailer Dealer is committed to providing outstanding customer service and possesses an
extensive knowledge of the Holmes product line.

Three Year Frame /
One Year Limited Warranty

All Holmes Trailers come with a 3 year frame / 1 year limited warranty.


NATM / DOT Compliant
Holmes Trailers is dedicated to making the safest trailers available in the industry. Following the guidelines of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers, we meet
or exceed all NATM and Department of Transportation requirements for highway safety.

All Model LED Lighting
Not just the tail lights, but every light on each one of our models is LED. You will benefit from the safety and longevity
provided by LED lights.

Options & Upgrades

Holmes Trailers offers an extensive selection of options and upgrades for our trailers. Please refer to the detailed model information on the following pages to see the specific options available for each of our models.